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Bridle leatherwork

Repair Work

Do you have a head collar with a snapped buckle that's been sitting in your tack room for a year? Or a bridle you love that needs new reins but haven't got round to getting some new ones?

Those loved pieces can be brought back to life!


Send me an email with repair details and photos of your item. Prices start from £20.

Bespoke Bridlework

I'd love to hear from you if you're looking to get creative. A personalised headcollar in a favourite colourway is a fantastic way to treat both a horse and it's human.


A traditional dark havanna and brass showing bridle makes a most smart and special gift for those moments in the ring.

Frequent Requests inc...

  • Stirrup Leathers

  • Neck Straps

  • Head Collars

  • Reins

  • Bridles

  • Browbands

  • Nosebands

  • Girths

Send me an email or give me a call to chat through your ideas.

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